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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Squats, Sit-Ups, and Push Ups Challenge

Ok so I decided to do the 200 squats, 200 Sit ups, 100 Push Ups Challenges. These are 3 different challenges. Here are the websites

Sit-ups http://www.twohundredsitups.com/
Push ups http://www.hundredpushups.com/
Squats http://www.twohundredsquats.com/

I plan to post my progress here. Basically you do a pre-test and based on the results you follow a plan to be able to complete 200 squats or 100 push ups or 200 sit-ups in 6 weeks. If you want to join me please post your results below.

I did the pre-test today and my results were good for sit-ups and squats and ok for push ups. I have been working on all of them for a while as a part of my regular workouts so if I did better than you don't despair.

Initial Test Results
Pushups 20
Sit ups I stopped at 70... since this put me well past skipping to week 3
Squats Again I stopped 57 since this put me well past skipping to week 3

So my plan for This week is

Squats (5 sets)
Day One 19/24/19/19/max i can do at least 27 rest 60 btwn each set
Day Two 27/34/21/21/max at least 34 rest 60 btwn each set
Day Three 30/38/27/27/max at least 40 rest 60 btwn each set

Push ups (5 sets)
Day One 10/12/7/7/at least 9 rest 60 btwn each set
Day Two 10/12/8/8/at least 12 rest 90 btwn each set
Day Three 11/15/9/9 at least 13 rest 120 btwn each set

Sit Ups
Day One 21/27/21/21/at least 30 rest 60 btwn each set
Day Two 30/38/23/23/at least 38 rest 60 btwn each set
Day Three 33/42/30/30/at least 45 rest 60 btwn each set

I will continue to do my regular strength training on these days as well after the challenge.

So come on join me, the more the merrier. Let's motivate each other and if you want to share your log with me via email instead just let me know that below.

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My Plan

I did WeightWatchers once before in 2004-2005. I lost 50 pounds. I gained some back going through my divorce but the good news is I kept off 20 of them until I restarted WeightWatchers in January 2009.

For the first time, I have found a plan that was easy to stick to. Something just felt right this time. Before embarking on WeightWatchers I re-read some books I had found helpful in the middle of my last journey. The books are listed under "Weight Loss" Books on the side bar, and a blog post about them will follow soon. These books helped get me mentally prepared to lose weight and they are the reason I think I am finding losing to be less of a struggle. I am not letting myself get discouraged by small gains and I am seeing far more consistent results.

WeightWatchers gives you a points target based on weight and basic daily activity level. Every food has a points value based on calories, fiber and fat. Then its like a checkbook you start with your daily balance, subtract for foods eaten and add for activity done which can earn you points. Exercise=More Food. Each food point is roughly 50 calories and each activity point is worth roughly 100, I use a heart-rate monitor to calculate my activity points earned.

You also get 35 weekly points to use as you want anytime during the week. For me the most successful both mentally and on the scale is to use most of those points on Saturday night for a splurge and to then stick to my daily points fairly closely the rest of the week. It helps me to know my favourite foods are only a week away if I want them. People can manage the plan however they want but for me this is the most successful. When I'm working out a lot I try to eat some of those activity points as well. Ironically I get much smaller losses the weeks I don't eat those points on Saturday, maybe it shakes up my metabolism, who knows I just know it works

Finally my last key to my plan is attending meetings. It helps keep me accountable and on track.

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