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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Weekly Round up 6/27-7/4

Well the week ends weirdly, weighing in on Friday instead of Saturday, I also went to a new meeting in Kent, rather than my usual in Woodinville. Meeting had an odd energy but hey lots of people from Saturday meetings there trying to get in a meeting.

I lost 0.2 pounds, not what I wanted but I really shouldn't have chicken teriyaki the day befor a weigh-in, the bloat just jumps on the scale and says here I am, you ate out yesterday and you ate really salty food!

OK so down to the nitty gritty of the week.
Summary I used 34/35 Weekly Points and I earned a measly 17 Activity Points
The move has slowed down so I'm not getting 20,000 steps a day in but I haven't put my exercise plan back on the front burner, well we know what to change for next week (yea 0.2...)

Saturday I at 51 of 27 points, yes, that's right I ate 24 weekly points on Saturday. Ben and I went out to Mexican for dinner and it was worth EVERY point. I did earn 3 activity points so hey not all bad :P

Sunday I ate 27.5 of 27 points. Went out for brunch but still did pretty well. 3 more activity points. Dinner was grilled chicken, a salad and lowfat potato salad.

Monday I ate 25 of 27 points, no, I didn't feel hungry I ate some cherries before bed but couldn't really come up with a way to work in 2 more points, so I skipped them, hey it's not like I do it every day. Lunch was leftover sloppy joe's another Ellie Krieger fave. Dinner- Grilled Pork Tenderloin, low fat potato salad and Tabbouleh, also low fat. I earned 4 Activity points with a big push on getting my office in order.

Tuesday WOOT i hit the nail on the head 27 of 27 points. Lunch- Salad with a couple ounces of pork tenderloin. Dinner- Left over grilled chicken, broccoli with a little parmesan and orzo with zucchini and red peppers. mmmm skinny cow for desert. 4 activity points earned.

Wednesday Wow it's JULY 23 of 27 points, not really sure how that happened. Peanut butter and toast for breakfast and nonfat yogurt and blueberries for a midmorning snack. Lunch was leftover orzo. Dinner was left over chicken and orzo. Earned 3 Activity points.

Thursday 27.5 of 27 points. Breakfast was peanutbutter toast and skim milk, Lunch leftover orzo and skim milk (trying not to be short points again) Dinner was Chicken Teriyaki.

Friday post weigh-in but still part of this week for points etc. 36 of 27 points used. Breakfast was scrambled eggs, english muffin and berries. We started the fourth early and had cheeseburgers, Pan-Roasted Corn and Poblano Chili Pasta Salad (look for this recipe soon, it rocked) and my lowfat potato salad, as well as the bottle of wine we shared, guess where most of those weekly points went???

So that was the week, It will be interesting to see how the long weekend of food indulgence looks on the scale on Saturday the 11th, hopefully not too bad I did have larger meals 2 nights instead of one but I'm hoping to get my exercise back on track this coming week.

Next Week's Menu
Saturday- Ribs, side salads and Berry Crisp (DANGER)
Sunday- Grilled Chicken Sausage
Monday-Balsamic Chicken with baby spinach and couscous
Tuesday-Turkey Stomboli
Wednesday-Balsamic Chicken remix
Thursday-Grilled pork tenderloin with brown rice pilaf and green beans
Friday-Baked Shrimp with Feta and whole wheat penne
Yes, its grilling season...

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My Plan

I did WeightWatchers once before in 2004-2005. I lost 50 pounds. I gained some back going through my divorce but the good news is I kept off 20 of them until I restarted WeightWatchers in January 2009.

For the first time, I have found a plan that was easy to stick to. Something just felt right this time. Before embarking on WeightWatchers I re-read some books I had found helpful in the middle of my last journey. The books are listed under "Weight Loss" Books on the side bar, and a blog post about them will follow soon. These books helped get me mentally prepared to lose weight and they are the reason I think I am finding losing to be less of a struggle. I am not letting myself get discouraged by small gains and I am seeing far more consistent results.

WeightWatchers gives you a points target based on weight and basic daily activity level. Every food has a points value based on calories, fiber and fat. Then its like a checkbook you start with your daily balance, subtract for foods eaten and add for activity done which can earn you points. Exercise=More Food. Each food point is roughly 50 calories and each activity point is worth roughly 100, I use a heart-rate monitor to calculate my activity points earned.

You also get 35 weekly points to use as you want anytime during the week. For me the most successful both mentally and on the scale is to use most of those points on Saturday night for a splurge and to then stick to my daily points fairly closely the rest of the week. It helps me to know my favourite foods are only a week away if I want them. People can manage the plan however they want but for me this is the most successful. When I'm working out a lot I try to eat some of those activity points as well. Ironically I get much smaller losses the weeks I don't eat those points on Saturday, maybe it shakes up my metabolism, who knows I just know it works

Finally my last key to my plan is attending meetings. It helps keep me accountable and on track.

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